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This site is about Rap Attack. I am an entertainer, emcee, dancer (waving, popping, locking, botting, ragdoll, mannequin, mime, used to break(or bgirl) etc-trained/performed also in ballet, tap, jazz, afro-jazz, afro-cuban, samba, lambada, salsa etc), Costume designer/maker and Hair Braiding.

I have always danced but got into popping/waving about 27 years ago. I was inspired by the Funk music that was played in the clubs at that time. I had also met a dancer from America called Darrio who still lives here in Australia. I used to watch him lock/pop/wave/bot etc and decided I wanted to do this too!

The highlight of my career has been the 3 years I danced with Roger G. He is the rollerskater that had a featured role in the Michael Jackson 'Bad' video about 3/4 of the way through. We used to busk/street perform/dance a lot in the city (Sydney), do night club gigs and some television performances.

I started rapping on the microphone in 1985 which was the idea of my favourite DJ, Micheal, as I was putting on a fashion show. They were my designs and he suggested that I rap to introduce each design. I thought this was odd as no one was doing this and I said I didn't do this. He said he has heard me on the street. We used to freestyle some rhymes to some of the instrumentals that we played on the boom boxes that some of us had.

The clothing or costume designing came about because of my dissatisfaction with the clothing industry. I started making things for myself and then other people noticed. I have designed clothing for Melbourne cup day(hats also), goth clothing, latin (Brazilian carnaval), Salsa (Cuban shows), stilt walkers and costumes for the street shows. You'll see a lot of examples on the pages of my site. In the costume section and most of the clothes I wear. Also clothes that you see Roger G wearing in some photo's that are on this website.

Hairbraiding was something that I had an interest in doing from an early age due to my love of ancient Egyptian culture and that Funky Town video of the artist Patrice Russian. I do not do extensions anymore but please feel free to ask where I can recommend you get them done in Sydney. There are photos on the Hairbraids page!

I have uploaded some of my music/rhymes/music that I have made and videos of my dancing over the years so watch out for that one!

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