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UNFORTUNATELY THIS SITE IS DOWN FOR NOW AND I AM BUILDING A NEW SITE FOR HIM!!! dancer I worked with in the 80's from the Michael Jackson 'Bad' video. classic old school battles etc forum, place to buy a dvd on how to Breakdance etc. Highly recommend this site!

Classes in Sydney Australia-Dancing.


"Subway Art" by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

Books on Hip Hop culture via

Vibe-The history of Hip Hop (I recommend this book as I am reading it at the moment....amazing I didn't know how much I did know!!!)


New Talent Videos. This site is about posting your videos and other stuff to do with music.

Nasia Christie....she is a young singer/dancer from Australia. Good friend and great performer.

The Petition site-I added this as I am activist as well. site i just discovered.

Consumers for a fur free society

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